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"I wish I could describe the feeling I have when listening to this song, but my words are useless. Just press the play and enjoy it with me. You will not regret it."

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[Upside Down] "I thought the verses/melody was nice on this song !"

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"We really enjoyed the song... so upon release we will add [Upside Down] to our "carhartt rock" playlist"

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[Upside Down] "It’s a lovely dose of dream-pop escapism that channels the likes of Alvvays and Teenage Fanclub – all shimmering 80s-influenced guitars, enticing melodies and wistful vocals delivered via an intimate, DIY production style. The track’s sunny disposition is juxtaposed by darker lyrical themes though as McCann broaches issues of the heart and mind over its dreamy soundscape, touching down on anxiety, sleepless nights and feelings of helplessness in an increasingly troubled world."

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"While we have little biographical info to share about this Glaswegian newcomer, one thing is clear: he knows how to turn a first-time listener into an instant fan. “Upside Down” is a smile-inducing joy from start to finish. Its arrival during a tumultuous year – and its inspiration that stems from feeling helpless over matters of racial injustice – make us appreciate the song and its creator all the more. Get to know Community Swimming Pool now. This project won’t stay under the radar for long."

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[Upside Down] "is a really nice jam, def getting those Turnover vibes here... Great guitar work!"

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"Almost bordering on a ‘too good to be a debut’ dismissal, this track justifies a click on every follow button you can possibly find."

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[Upside Down] "sounds dreamy and full of hope, somewhere between Wild Nothing and DIIV."

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[Upside Down] "Dreamy vocals and hypnotic, chugging guitar presence captivating aesthetically. Slowdown in the outro plays well..."

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[Upside Down] "Really like the guitar work and the drum beat..."


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